Text Lightning

Text Lightning 2.0

Make using Outlook lightning-fast


  • Makes emailing really fast
  • Nice extra tools
  • Excellent customization options


  • Only suits certain types of emails
  • Could look better

Very good

Text Lightning is an add-on for Outlook that aims to make sending email and managing your inbox as easy and fast as possible.

Once installed, you’ll see Text Lightning appear in the main Outlook window as a discreet bar. It will also be visible when you compose a new email. It works by giving you immediate access to the type of email you write most often – the (completely configurable) text options appear in a panel at the right of the window. When you want to insert text, just drag and drop.

Text Lightning has other features that make emailing easier too. There’s a one-click search function, and an option to make copying email addresses much easier. There’s also a feature to insert images and files in one click, and a Quick Move tool for rapidly archiving emails.

Text Lightning’s most impressive feature is probably the degree to which you can customize the instant access. Upon starting the app, you’ll be shown a wizard, and you can customize whatever aspect you like at any moment via the Options menu. Text Lightning also has the ability to recognize your company’s products, so it can suggest reply texts to a very accurate degree.

If, in your line of business, you frequently have to respond to similar types of inquiry, Text Lightning is a godsend. It analyzes the incoming message and accurately suggests the most likely replies, allowing you to create an answer email in seconds. If your job requires more varied, personalized answers, however, it probably won’t be so useful.

If you spend a lot of time emailing replies to your customers or clients, Text Lightning is a wonderful application and a great download.

Text Lightning


Text Lightning 2.0

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